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Dr. Funke Baffour

Dr. Funke Baffour-Awuah, better known as ‘Dr. Funke’, is a psychologist and nutritional consultant. Her goal in life is to be the best version of herself and she strives to empower others to also do the same. She is passionate and driven in all that she does, focused on helping people to help themselves. Dr. Funke has created her own educational programmes based on this notion and assists people to develop key strategies that empower and develop them.

She helps her clients reconnect with their purpose, as she believes that we all have one thing in common – in that we are faced with obstacles along life’s path.

Dr. Funke’s approach is all about helping others to help themselves by facing and overcoming such obstacles.

Dr. Funke's BOOK

Improving your Thinking

Author Dr Funke Baffour


Improving your Thinking is a 10 step guide for anyone who understands that they have the ability to reach their potential and in turn develop a healthier way of perceiving things that happen in their lives.


Take Control of Your Tomorrow

Author Dr Funke Baffour


These illuminating insights will help you make some significant and life-changing decisions that are aimed to lead you to recognise that no matter how bleak things seemed, you have the ability to change the outcome. So, each page of this book offers bite-sized inspirational summaries to help you to access the real you. To give you the light that you need to kick start and enjoy opportunities that will occur once you adopt the philosophy that each day can lead to finding the real you.



Author Dr Funke Baffour


A self-help book to help individuals improve on their sense of self (Self Esteem). The 10 step guide includes exercises to explore ways you can boost your self-esteem in order to become a more confident and connect with your true self!


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